How i update my android version

If you are android users you must want to use an upgraded version of this world famous operating system, as the developers of Android OS have made many new versions of this this mobile OS which is popular among the people of whole world. They want to know, how I update my android version, so here is the answer of this question. 
How i update my android version

Nowadays Android 4.0 Jelly Bean is available in the android market for the fans of those people that are using this OS from many previous years. There are many new things are in the way of android OS up gradation. The upgrading of any device would be a new task for you so you need some instructions for the new people who are going to update their old android version with the new.
You need cables to attach your device with your PC, and then you can update your android OS, with the new version. You have to follow the given instruction in order to update your OS. There are many people want to know about the latest update of their device thy can go to Update My Android for the latest information and updates.

Step One:
             First of all you have to take the backup of your all data, in order to save it while installation of new version, the upgrade should not affect your data but in case if there is any problem it is necessary you should have the backup of your photos, videos and apps. 

Step Two:
              Navigate the setting menu, you have to done this work via app menu, typically the setting of the app would have cog or spanner logo.

Step Three:
               It is quite possible you would have to scroll down the setting menu, in order to click on about Phone button on table you have to click on about tablet it will tell you which version of your device running.

Step Four:
             It is also possible that you would see some other buttons that are not like the Software Update, you can click on the given button or the similar button.

Step Five:
            The device will start update, first of all it will download and after the completion of download process you can install it update on your phone or tablet having android OS. For more information and update you visit

Android Foryo the most popular version of Android OS

As we know Android is one of the most popular operating system among the users of smartphone and a large number of people are using this operating system in all over the world, the Android developers are creating busy to introduce many new updates in this fantastic operating system.

The version history of Android operating system was started with the first version of this operating system, now the developers of the Google’s operating system are adding many new features in the new versions of this operating system.

The Android operating system still working and it was released in 2007, it was the first commercial version of android. The new Android Foryo was one of the most important versions of this popular operating system.
Android Foryo Android OS

It was the 2.1 version history of Android operating system. This version come with many bugs fix as a large number of people are using this operating system. In April 2009 the Foryo version of android was come with many new features. The Android version comes with some new codenames with the sequence of alphabetic.
Now the latest version of android is the jelly bean version of this operating system and the app developers of android are also creating applications for the phones having android operating system.

Now in 2013 the use of android OS is getting more popular among the users and they app and games developers of these phones are busy to create some unique applications for the users of android smartphones.

Now you don’t need to go anywhere for the app download process for your smartphone and you can enjoy more with the help of these apps. There are many people wanted to install these apps but they don’t know the advantages and disadvantages of these apps so if you want to read the reviews of theseapps you can go to Update my Android for the better reviews about these products.

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