Android Foryo the most popular version of Android OS

As we know Android is one of the most popular operating system among the users of smartphone and a large number of people are using this operating system in all over the world, the Android developers are creating busy to introduce many new updates in this fantastic operating system.

The version history of Android operating system was started with the first version of this operating system, now the developers of the Google’s operating system are adding many new features in the new versions of this operating system.

The Android operating system still working and it was released in 2007, it was the first commercial version of android. The new Android Foryo was one of the most important versions of this popular operating system.
Android Foryo Android OS

It was the 2.1 version history of Android operating system. This version come with many bugs fix as a large number of people are using this operating system. In April 2009 the Foryo version of android was come with many new features. The Android version comes with some new codenames with the sequence of alphabetic.
Now the latest version of android is the jelly bean version of this operating system and the app developers of android are also creating applications for the phones having android operating system.

Now in 2013 the use of android OS is getting more popular among the users and they app and games developers of these phones are busy to create some unique applications for the users of android smartphones.

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