Android Terminal for Smartphone and Google Nexus Q Use for Great Fun


The Android Terminal is a VT-100 compatible fatal emulator for Android Smartphones. You have to keep in mind before getting Android Terminal App for your phone.

  • You can install this app from the market
  • There are many download links are available for the app- for devices without Market
  • You have to be careful while using this app as the app is one of the most powerful
  • You can easily ask frequent questions
  • The privacy policy of the app is one of the most important and reliable tools of this useful app
  • There are many recently released apps are available for the users of Android Terminal
  • Unicode UTF-8 Support
  • You will able to get advantages of android shell command reference
  • The newest version of action bar for android 3.0+ UI are available
  • If you have a touch device it support you to use a button less Smartphone
  • The tips and tricks for using the app are available Including ATE in a custom ROM
  • You can easily improve your Android Terminal
  • The different styles of the roadmap are available in the app
  • You can easily translate your own language into foreign languages
  • Installing BusyBox and ssh without Rooting Your Device
  • The different source will be helpful for you to make your working easy on Android Terminal                       
Features of Google Nexus Q:

Android terminal
Google has developed a great device named Nexus Q this product related to Google’s Nexus family. This is first generation the introductory price of this device was US $299. The device is able to store capacity of 16 GB NAND flash memory and it has 1 GB LPDDR RAM. You will enjoy it good graphical display for with SGX540 GPU.
You can connect the device with Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n) and NFC. If you want to share data with your PC or mobile the device is able to connect with Bluetooth. There are microUSB slats are available in the device. If you are working online you can use Google Play Music, Google Play Movies & TV and YouTube on your Google Nexus Q.

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