Word Lens Android And Jelly Bean are Going Famous


Word lens android is a great app for Android users, in the starting initiation on iOS with some new languages such like English and Spanish are available to use in this fantastic app. The user of this app can add Italian/English as well as French/English language in the shape of pairs about the great, these all of languages is available for both user’s iOS and Android.

word lens android
So far the app is available for free download for the users of the IOS operating system, the app can be used for different purposes. The user of iOS can free download the app the users are also want to by more language packs which are the famous native languages, in-app purchase for US$4.99 each, however the android version of world lens android costs is $4.99. 

Word lens android first time release on December 16, 2010, and stable release of this great app was in July 5, 2012 so this app is one of the latest apps for the users of Smartphone as they are using this great app for the previous 2 months. The developers and the programmers of C++, Objective-C, C#, ARM Assembly languages managed to create this great app for Android and iPhone users. 

Requirements for installation of word lens android:

To use this app Apple iOS 4.0+, Android 2.3.3+ operating system should be installed on your Smartphone. So it is necessary you should have to up-to-date to use this app, if you are using this great app, as the app is recently introduced in the market so the recently introduced versions of should be installed in your operating system.

Jelly Bean is one of the most important and mostly used operating system for the users of Smartphone and you can use word lens android on this operating system, this operating system is the famous and latest operating system for the users of the Android operating system.
If you are using JellyBean OS you will be able to install this app, after installing this app you can manage the pairs of languages which you know with the combination of the English language. So this app is useful for you to understand other languages if you know English very well.

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